create space book publishing

createspace book publishing,one of the best resources on line for the self publisher,upload your books for amazon to sell a real printed copy,so if you have a book in kindle,even the kdp,library,you are still allowed to sell your book as a paper back edition,only digital books that are in the kdp library are exempt,this gives you more chances if making money as you now have the paper back and the kindle version for sale.

There is a small learning curve for  the formatting procedure for createspace,look on you tube for a tutorial,also the createspace book publishing site.for a small fee you will be able to promote your book to Barnes and noble amongst others.Just go to and take a look.I have just uploaded a back pain book and I am waiting for the review,which takes a couple of days.

one of the other cool features with createspace book publishing,is the cover making software which is free,very easy to use and looks great,there is a pro version available,where they do it for you but I thought it was very expensive,you would be much better going to and having a cover done for $5,this needs to be in PDF format.

I have started to make sales on kindle a bit slow at the moment,but I am sure when I promote my links and get some reviews on amazon this will change.I am also in the process of writing  a new book.I will keep you informed on the progress.

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