Google panda,Google penguin.

Google panda,Google penguin.         Giant Panda       So tired

You may ask what is he talking about,well let me explain Google have once again decided to clean up its search engine content.

Lets start with the Google panda this is aimed at your content you need good original content not stuffed with keywords,or spun.

The penguin is a different matter all about your links,Google are looking for relevant natural links,many sites have used link farms Google frowns upon them,here is  a useful link at the official Google blog    WEBMASTER CENTRAL

To comply with Google you can follow these simple steps.

no spam back links.
no link farms.

do not practice keyword stuffing.
no over-optimization.
do not use spun content or other low quality content.
-make sure to get legitimate back links from methods like guest blogging.
always make sure back links seem natural. (Realistic anchor text, not overly optimized, etc)
sign up and use Google+
use author tags and claim your sites in Google+
Always create great content.

here is a link that has the experts explain even more take it all in and take action

Experts and there opinionsGoogle’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2016 – a visual representation by E2M













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