How To of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing ,a very clever way to start your home based internet

business. You do not have to have, or

create your own product, the company or person that you are an affiliate for will usually provide all the tools you need to promote the product,I.e keywords, banners ,ready made ads for ppc,emails,articles etc,you can link straight to there sales page, although I do not recommend this ,I will explain later in the article about this. You do not even have to bother about the payment process or customer service, like returns, this is all taken care of by the product owner.

The best part is you can earn up to 75% commission on each sale.Here is how I do it, type into Google click bank .COM, sign up for a free sellers account, you will receive a request for a nick name, this will identify you when you promote your products and will be used to log in.
Log in, go to the market place, look under categories,there are many, I would suggest starting with self help or sports, golf is good, pick one to promote with a gravity between 25% and 120%,have a good look at there sales page, don’t pick it if it has a capture box for emails. Google might not like it and you want to capture the emails yourself, more on this later. Look on the sales page for the affiliate links this will take you to the affiliate tools; you will use these to promote the product. It is usually on the header or the footer.
I suggest setting up a mini web site to promote the product, Go to Google and type in mini sites, you will find a number of companies offering this service, from $50 upwards,$50 is great. they will let you know what they require from you, do not forget to ask them for a capture box for visitors emails, this is so important as you will be able to sell to these prospects later on, this is a big subject which I cant do justice to in this article, I recommend when you are in the click bank site look at all there, how to articles on selling and much more. It might seem a bit overwhelming, but if you follow the advice step by step soon you will have it up and running, and each time you implement the process the faster you will get, building your online business takes effort, if you lay good foundations you will build a strong and successful business, so don’t skip any steps and you will reap the rewards. By Denis Bromell.

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