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“Market your business for free with live video training”

I never look a gift horse in the mouth,so when i came across this free live video training,
two full days of it for free,

I just had to take a look,it has turned out to be one of my best marketing decisions.
Here is just some of the content,being streamed live straight to your screen every month,all the latest on marketing your business,what works right now and into the future,how to optimize your website for customers and search engine ranking,
all in H D quality,
each month Armand Morin top online and offline marketer,author and serial business owner brings you the latest on business strategies.

As you can probably see ,I am very excited to bring this news to you and as many people as possible,as I know how much this will help you all,even veteran marketers and business owners can learn from this,great content.
I have learned a lot my self and continue to do so.My advice take a look your self its 100% free to sign can click on the banner in the side bar or click this link now.

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Membership sites,recurring income.

How much should you charge for a membership site?

It depends on your subject, i.e. what is your membership model, is it an e-mail course on tips and

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Back links

Back links are essential for your website ranking,but they must be organic,

by this I mean natural back links, not bought links,like comments on other blogs,always leave your url link with /blog at the end,it helps Google find you fast,never buy Back links both Google,yahoo and bing  penalize you for this practice,good content is essential.

Here is a link to a great article on this very subject  ADDME.COM


Google panda,Google penguin.

Google panda,Google penguin.         Giant Panda       So tired

You may ask what is he talking about,well let me explain Google have once again decided to clean up its search engine content.

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create space book publishing

createspace book publishing,one of the best resources on line for the self publisher,upload your books for amazon to sell a real printed copy,so if you have a book in kindle,even the kdp,library,you are still allowed to sell your book as a paper back edition,only digital books that are in the kdp library are exempt,this gives you more chances if making money as you now have the paper back and the kindle version for sale.

There is a small learning curve for  the formatting procedure for createspace,look on you tube for a tutorial,also the createspace book publishing site.for a small fee you will be able to promote your book to Barnes and noble amongst others.Just go to and take a look.I have just uploaded a back pain book and I am waiting for the review,which takes a couple of days.

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smashwords publishing

smashwords publishing,

I have recently published two books with smashwords,go to and have a look around,its a rally good place to publish your book ,for maximum exposure,they will publish your book to Barnes and noble,and at least five different ebook formats,like sony reader,epub,kindle etc.smashwords publishing is a must for publishing your books,the one problem we all face with smashwords is the formatting of your book,it has to be formatted in a certain way,go to you tube,and type in the keywords for smashwords book formating,and follow the videos on it,be patient and you will learn a new skill.

thats all for now please leave a comment ,let me know your most pressing question on book publishing and I will reply with a blog post.


Kindle publishing

Kindle publishing,

I Have now finished eBook number five,the topic,trout and salmon fishing,now ready to to upload to kindle publishing.this is a hobby I have enjoyed for many years,lets take a look at this,hobby’s are great for writing about,go to Google type in hobby’s,here you will find a very diverse list to choose from,many people are fanatical about there hobby,so I would say a good place to start when getting ideas, on the topic you want to write about.I am in the process of writing the title for my new book,this is very important for your ranking inside amazon,so I will take my time and get this is a link to my book. I will keep you updated regarding titles and sales.

what are solar panels what is solar power


New Kindle book published

Kindle book published.

A new kindle book I have been writing for the last couple of weeks ,has now been published,the subject is solar power,this is my fourth book,they are selling slowly,even though I have not promoted them fully.I am in the process of writing my fifth book,it is about a third complete,this is my intention to get three or four books published per month,In ten months time i will have a substantial amount of books and recurring revenue.I will be making a how to product on this business tactic when I have more data,in the mean time I will keep you posted On  the kindle book published.