Ambassador Program

Reviewing Products

I have just got to write about this new program from John Thornhill, that I just purchased.

The Ambassador program, this program spreads out over a year and probably longer, as more content is added and updated,

it consists of many elements, like the pre-written email campaigns, which spread out over the year, your list of buyers being automatically built for you, then marketed to with the campaigns.

one of the things I really like about the program, is once set up it is then automated, you will only need to update a campaign from time to time, which is easy as they are all pre-written and tested to convert,

The campaigns are all linked to affiliate offers, you get a new list built which you can market your own products too, and get paid from the campaign good, there are lots of bonuses, traffic strategy’s, all we need to make it work and much more,

John Thornhill gives a much better explanation, in his free training video, a must to see as he gives great valuable training that I have not seen anywhere else, paid or free, my advice on this program, it’s more than worth a look, here is the link