Targeted Traffic to Your Websites – How to Use Your Blog to Drive More Traffic and Get More Clients

Written By Expert Connie Ragen Green.

Your blog is your home on the Internet, so it only makes sense to invite your list to
see what you are writing about there. By letting as many people as possible know about your blog, you will be able to drive massive traffic there and find many new readers along the way. The idea is to use your blog to catapult you from where you are today to where you would like to be, in terms of credibility, visibility, and list building. Getting the right traffic will make this all happen much faster than it would otherwise.

On a regular basis, once every two weeks or so, email your list and tell them about a post you have written. It should be on a topic that is directly related to what they have joined your list to learn about. For example, I teach people how to make money online, so a post on affiliate marketing would be appropriate for this. Include a link to the post in your email, and ask them to read it and leave a comment. If they are at all interested in what you are doing on the Internet, they will more than likely click on the link to at least read the post.

The purpose of this is to have as much traffic as possible to your blog. We all assume that everyone on our list is reading our blog on a regular basis, but this is simply not the case. By reminding them and giving them a good reason to stop by, you are increasing your credibility, as well as your traffic. By employing some other methods of traffic generation as well, you will see that your blog will soon have a rise in page rank. This will also help you to sell more products, both your own and those of affiliates.

You will be amazed at how well your list will respond to this simple request. I have turned many prospects into clients by telling them about one of my posts and asking them to read it and leave a comment. Emails can be too impersonal many times, so sending someone over to your blog will bring them closer to knowing who you are and trusting you enough to move from prospect to client. I encourage you to spruce up your blog, write a post related to the exact topic your list came to you for in the first place, and see what happens.

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