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Membership sites

How much should you charge for a membership site?

It depends on your subject, i.e. what is your membership model, is it an e-mail course on tips and

Tricks, this course can be delivered once a day, once a week every two weeks every month, it could

Be a membership site for a mastermind course or club, where the content is updated on a very

Regular Basis, in the member’s area, some of these sites can be very high end depending on the type of content.

some Internet marketing mastermind sites can charge up to a$1.000 and beyond

It is going to depend on what the market will bear, take a look at what others are charging for a

For a similar product, you can make a judgment from here

. You can set up a test with two different pages A and B, charge a higher price for A, low price for B,

Send traffic to both pages; keep changing the prices moving the lower price towards the higher price

And the higher price towards the lower price until you find where you’re best conversion lies.

Some content can be sold at a higher price, take Forex trading for instance if you have an expert in

In this field and he can provide daily tips these can be set at a high price. If you can get a product that

Converts at $97 a month then you don’t need to sell many of these before reaching 10,000 a month and

More, but it has to be something very, very desirable and difficult to obtain to get this sort of price, and

Keep the subscribers, subscribed for longer periods than three months, which is the industry’s norm

For subscribers to leave your membership site.

Nowadays the lower-cost membership sites are doing better and they’re easier to find the content for

These, so around the $10-$20 marks is a good model. When subscribers unsubscribe from your site

Find out why, send them an e-mail thanking them for their custom, asking them why they left and is

Is there is anything you can do to help them, and then offer them the chance to subscribe again.

Ask them if the price was an element in their decision. When you have this information you will be

Able to tweak your site and then make the stick rate percentage even higher. One yardstick to use

When talking about the content you need 10 times the value of the subscription cost, remember content must be of desirable quality.

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