EVERY business can benefit from a blog, I use WordPress as my medium. it is the most popular and not that hard to install.

I suggest first you get a domain name relevant to your niche or product, host your domain with a hosting company that has c panel installed this makes it really easy to install WordPress, Have a look around the search engines, Google, bing, yahoo, also the forums and see what is being said about hosting companies but make sure it has c panel.

When you get hosted go to their c panel, look for fantastico on their dashboard it is usually a blue smiley face, open it you will see a lot of different options on the right side, you want WordPress to click on it,

it is very easy to follow from here, if you have any problems search Google for WordPress tutorials, or you can outsource it to a freelancer, it does not cost much and will be done in an hour or so. I would use WordPress .org not WordPress.COM, you could use either,

The difference is with wordpress.org you host your domain name with your own hosting company, much better for search engine optimization,wordpress.com host the blog for you, it’s free.

Once you have installed wordpress.org on your domain name you can add lots of different themes or plugins there are tutorials on this within WordPress or online.

You will start by changing the theme there are thousands of free themes online or in WordPress, but the best way is to get a theme custom made for you to go to Google look for WordPress theme designers contact them and they will make what you require, to get an idea of what you want, look on the top blogs in your chosen niche and form your ideas get them down on paper.

The theme is the look and feel of your blog and is very important as this is your brand that people should remember. You will need plugins on your blog to optimize for SEO, a site map, a spam filter, and many others you can look inside WordPress for plugins or go online to pick the ones that apply to your blog.

A blog can be used as a daily or weekly diary with comments open or closed, you can use a blog as a method of generating income online i.e. Goggle Adsense, where Google place small ads on your blog and when someone clicks on them you get paid a small amount, or you can advertise affiliate products from click bank, Amazon, etc, there are many affiliate programs out there look on the forums to see who is recommended. you can use all these methods together,

The search engines love blogs with good relevant information so make sure your content is good and original, keep it in context with what your blog is about, you can also link to other similar sites and get backlinks it all helps with you SEO and ranking in the search engines.

Once you have built your blog, post at least once a week but much better if once a day, this also helps with ranking, build more than one blog, and link them.

Blogs are an easy way of getting online and spreading the message about your business or your self and a very powerful means of communication with the outside world.

Once you take action and get started it will take off and you will learn more and more, if you have an existing website you can post on your blog all about it and link to it, send traffic from the blog and increase sales. You can also get ready-made products and web sites to promote use as a new income stream, the more income streams the better.

I hope you get started straight away take action and be a winner, just take the first step on the journey and your underway, build a little every day soon you will have many irons in the fire.

By Denis Bromell.

Relevant information changes lives.

This article on blogs is a crucial part of your online business make sure you implement the subjects I have outlined within the article take action and be a winner. I Have information for you which will be beneficial if you build a blog or not but would work great with your blog

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The best of success to you in your Business, Denis Bromell.

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