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Internet Marketing

Back links

Tweet Back links are essential for your website ranking,but they must be organic, by this I mean natural back links, not bought links,like comments on other blogs,always leave your url link with /blog at the end,it helps Google find you fast,never buy Back links both Google,yahoo and bing  penalize you for this practice,good content is …


Business as usual

Tweet Business as usual I know that the economy in Europe and the US,is very sick at the moment,this is a great time to start your internet business,with millions  of people,and company’s using the internet everyday,plus more and more coming online,its  certainly not to late to join the party. Pick your topic and stick to …



Tweet An effective article should incorporate a concise and simple style of writing to convey the subject matter clearly to the reader. It is one that creates a vivid impression and explains the message in easy to understand language. It also entails use of correct grammar and appropriate tenses. One should avoid use of unclear …