Five Tips For Your Home Business

Today I am going to give you five tips,for your home business,

Tip one,when building WordPress sites,always use your main keyword in the title,so heading one sub heading 2,and in your categories, do not have more than five categories,this all helps with your on page search engine results.

Tip two.for WordPress download the plugin seo by yost,go to the plugin site and they will explain how to use this plugin,its the most up to date s e o plugins out there.if you follow the system to the letter,you will rank high in Google.

Tip three, take a look at the footer on this website,you will see a link to the  to system that built this blog,if you don’t follow anything else I have told you follow this, its a real eye opener,and it will catapult you and your web presence far in front of your competitors.

Tip four,get yourself onto Facebook and check out the advertising platform,you can build Facebook pages on your niche or business and send targeted traffic from Facebook to your page.

Tip five.You have to have a social media presence online today,so get a Facebook account, a twitter account,linked in account,and link them all together.Remember there are over  1.93 BILLION face book members and growing,this cannot be ignored,all the big company’s out there are involved, so should we.

Just read and think about these tips,ad your own knowledge to them and you will be heading in the right direction, that is up.  Denis Bromell.