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A very good and cheap way to get a product up online. You can go to the search engines Google, yahoo, Bing, type in plr products you will see many choices for relatively small amounts,

Plr stands for private label rights, when you buy or look for a product they will tell you exactly what licence you are allowed,

Usually you can do most what you want with the product, i.e. change the copy ,headlines etc, sell online enter your own name can get a pre written sales letter ,pre written ads, web site ,keywords everything you need to sell the product.

So you have it all the product, website, sales letter etc.all you have to do is upload them to your domain name and start promoting for sales.

The problem with this method is other people buy the same product and put it up just as they get it, so you have several websites just the same; you want to be different and stand out from the crowd, change the copy, headline, and the graphics, keywords.

You can outsource this work, go to and look for graphic designers or outsourcing sites,you will see plenty who will do it for you not to expensively

Reasearch other websites on the subject and get some ideas but don’t ever steal someone’s copy or design be original take ideas only and re brand your product.

The effort will be well worth it you will have your own original product and it will show in you sales if done properly.Write articles on the subject, promote it to your market,  follow all the advertising avenues test all you ads, to get the best results be a conscientious marketer.

Make sure you do all the steps in the right order don’t miss any and jump ahead its all a system follow it.

That is one way you can get on line selling, there are shortcuts you can get a ready made website everything done all you have to-do is promote it.

Kevin Fahey has a very good product with plr IM check lists take a look, Right here

But the bottom line is before you buy anything online research it first to see if you have an available market, use the free tools Google has, like Google keywords tool, Google trends, Google demographics,etc when on these sites follow the tutorials have good look around and learn how to use them.

When you get the keywords from the Google keyword tool, type them into Google and see what comes up is there a market for these keywords are they worth using and so on. you need to see some competition, it lets you know there is a market. I cant stress enough when marketing anything online be original give the customer what they want.

Especially if you know no one else has  it and the demand is there. I know it all sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many people miss this tactic.

So don’t dwell on the information you have gathered to long, take immediate action all the time consider what does the customer want, this should be apparent from your research , Then your branding or logo, go at it step by step look at other successful web sites and get your ideas from them,

They have spent time and money testing what works. outsource the web design a two or three page web site is good enough, go to Google look for mini sites you will be surprised how good they are and how cost affective, or you could get a site made for you very reasonably over at Fiverr, 

Give them the specification you require, copy ,key words etc.they will hand back a working web site all you have to do is upload it to the internet and promote it.

Promoting is a big topic which I will cover in future articles.

But you could start with article writing and publishing on article directories, this will bring traffic but takes a little longer than paid advertising like pay per click.

Well that’s all for this article do not forget to check out the resource box below. By Denis Bromell. Relevant information changes lives. I hope you get benefit from my article I am sure you will if you follow the steps and work hard. There is a short cut to getting started online go to  and have a look. To your success Denis Bromell.

For a great site build click the link below,

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